By Brittany Taylor

Reports of a man found living within the air ducts at a Walmart in west Houston went viral online, sparking the question – how did he do it?

A photo shared by the Houston Police shows an open vent, which the man presumably climbed into from the exterior of the store.

Employees found a man hiding in the air conditioning vents inside the store on South Kirkwood near Richmond Avenue, according to Houston police.

Officers said the man refused to come out at first. A SWAT team was brought in, and officers were able to remove the man.

Man found hiding in Walmart air conditioning system

Photos of the scene showed an air conditioning unit access panel on the roof of the store had been breached.

There was also damage to portions of the ventilation ducts and ceiling.

The man was checked out by first responders for a mental crisis, police said.

This is a developing story.




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