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A man experiencing discomfort while swallowing was shocked when he found out the reason — an AirPod stuck in his esophagus. It turns out that the man had accidentally swallowed the earpiece while in sleep.

Bradford Gauthier from Worcester, Massachusetts, US, said he was fine when he woke up one morning recently but experienced some difficulty when he tried to drink water. “It wouldn’t go down, I had to lean over to let it spill out into the sink. Gross,” he wrote on his Facebook profile talking about the unusual event.

Gauthier added that he felt something was “off with a lot of pressure in my chest”, but thought it was due to a dry throat or something from all the snow shovelling the night before. The father-of-two told NBC 2 that he went to bed that night “worn out” and next day morning shovelled snow for another hour before having any problems.

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