Video captured the moment a male flight attendant was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight in Florida after forcing all of the passengers to deplane when a two-year-old girl refused to wear a mask. 

By Valerie Edwards

The incident occurred onboard a plane that was trying to leave Orlando, Florida, to head to New York on Monday. 

Several videos from the incident have been shared on social media. In one clip, the little girl is sitting on her mother’s lap eating yogurt when a female flight attendant tells them they’ll need to exit the plane. 

‘I’m sorry. They want you off,’ the flight attendant tells the family, adding that they were ‘noncompliant with the masks’.

The girl’s parents responded that they have been wearing their masks when the attendant pointed to their daughter and said: ‘She’s not wearing one.’

Other passengers sitting nearby immediately pointed out to the flight attendant that there were other babies not wearing masks. They also pointed to the fact that the little girl was eating yogurt while waiting for takeoff. 

The flight attendant says ‘it’s not my choice’ as the girl’s dad argues that they also have their ‘special needs’ son with them. The steward then walks away and says she’s going to call the police onboard.  

Two other clips show the family getting out of their seats along with other passengers after everyone was told they needed to disembark the plane. 

After all of the passengers were back inside the terminal, police officers were seen in another clip escorting the male steward (pictured), who had a problem with the girl not wearing a mask, off the plane

After all of the passengers were back at the gate, police officers were seen in another clip escorting the male steward, who had a problem with the girl not wearing a mask, off the plane. 

The family and all of the passengers were let back onto the plane a short time later. 

‘Happy ending! We’re back on,’ the girl’s father says in another video.

According to Spirit’s website, their mask policy requires that all travelers wear face coverings in compliance with CDC guidelines on flights and in airports.

‘Face coverings may be removed only while eating, drinking, or taking medication — when done eating, drinking, or taking medication, face coverings must be re-positioned immediately,’ the airline’s policy reads. 

According to the policy, ‘guests who choose not to comply with our face covering requirement will lose future flight privileges with Spirit’. 

‘Children under the age of 2 years old are exempt. There may be other limited exceptions for a Guest with a disability recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) who meet certain criteria.’ 




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