Sunday, June 26, 2022


Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, defense secretary under 2 presidents, oversaw the Iraq war,...

Donald Rumsfeld, the two-time defense secretary and one-time presidential candidate whose reputation as a skilled bureaucrat and visionary of a modern U.S. military was soiled by the long and costly Iraq War, has died, his family said in a statement. He was 88.

Hungry ELEPHANT crashes through a kitchen wall in search of snacks in Thailand

A Thai woman had an unexpected 'guest' in her house in the middle of the night last weekend -- a wild Asian elephant.

Radioactive hybrid species of WILD BOAR and DOMESTICATED PIGS have taken over Japan’s nuclear...

A hybrid species of domestic pigs and wild boar have been causing havoc around Fukushima, which Japanese scientists have discovered by surprise while investigating the effects of radiation on animals.

VIDEO: Epic ‘Kingsnake VS Copperhead’ battle in Alabama yard. One of them gets swallowed...

It happened in Camden, Alabama, and a video of the snake fight was posted on Facebook by the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. “This is what happens when you bring a copperhead to a kingsnake fight,” the Alabama state agency wrote.

Texas father REPEATEDLY shoots intoxicated PEEPING TOM who was allegedly caught looking in daughter’s...

A father shot a man who he claims was peeping into his young daughter’s window in Harris County, Texas late Sunday night.

Defanged and Declawed LION Seized By Authorities From Home After Owner Tried To Turn...

Cambodian police officers have seized a defanged and declawed 'pet' lion that appeared in several TikTok videos taken at a villa in Phnom Penh.

Massachusetts Seafood Company Loses Up To $12K Worth Of Lobsters After Disgruntled Former Owner...

A man was charged after allegedly being caught on video destroying between $8,000-$12,000 worth of lobsters at a seafood market in the Cape Cod town of Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Spitting Zebra Cobra on the loose in North Carolina suburbs: Experts say one bite...

Officials in North Carolina are cautioning people to be on the lookout for a poisonous snake on the loose.

Oreo the Rescue Dog Helps Miami Building Collapse Crew Find Victims of Florida High...

Search and rescue is getting some much-needed help from a trained dog named Oreo in their search for missing victims in the recent Florida...

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Hobart woman reunited with beloved pet cockatoo three years after it goes missing

Hannah Tumney's pet cockatoo went missing three years ago from her home at Margate. It was found more than three years later in the north of the state, over 200km away.

Incredible Moment A Vet Pulls An Entire Beach Towel From The Throat Of A...

The Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH) in Sydney, Australia helped to solve what they called the case of "The Missing Beach Towel" when they pulled an entire multi-colored, fruit-themed beach towel from the belly of a family's pet python.

Texas state Senate passes bill to cut $5.1 billion in winter storm power fees

A new bill passed in the Texas Senate orders ERCOT to correct the prices of wholesale power and services sold during the winter storms. This comes after ERCOT made a $16 billion error in pricing.

Her Boss Sent Harassing Texts. So She Beat Him With a Mop.

A government worker in China became an internet sensation after a video emerged of her striking back at a boss she had accused of harassment.

Is Air Frying Food Healthy, Or Are We Just Fooling Ourselves?

Fried food without all the oil sounds too good to be true. Here are the pros and cons.

‘Aladdin’ Director Remembers How Robin Williams Changed Feature Animation

Longtime Disney animator Ron Clements co-directed Disney’s 1992 “Aladdin” alongside John Musker. He shares his memories of working with Robin Williams on the animated blockbuster.

Rescue Dog Thriving in New Home After Losing His Nose in Machete Attack: ‘He’s...

Wacku the rescue dog is showing what is possible with a forgiving heart and a strong spirit.

Something Invisible Is Tearing Apart The Nearest Star Cluster to Earth

A relic of the of the Milky Way galaxy's formation called "dark matter sub-halos" may have collided and disrupted the closest star cluster to Earth, Hyades.

Employees at plant that ruined millions of J&J Covid vaccine doses failed to shower,...

Some employees at the Emergent BioSolutions plant in Baltimore failed to shower or change clothes, according to a memo released Wednesday by a key House committee.

Myanmar poet dies after detention, body returned with organs removed

Myanmar poet Khet Thi, whose works declare resistance to the ruling junta, died in detention overnight and his body was returned with the organs removed, his family said on Sunday.

The Surprising History Of The Phrase ‘Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride’

Where does the phrase "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" come from? The answer may surprise you.

In Michigan’s latest coronavirus surge, there’s a new kind of patient

Michigan's latest coronavirus surge comes after the State was forced by its constituents to "relax" the restrictions despite the Governor wanting to keep them up.

14-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth, Walks into Restaurant and Leaves Baby With Stranger

A surveillance video recorded Wednesday shows a teen girl hand a newborn child to a complete stranger inside a New Jersey restaurant, then leave the establishment.

BREAKING: Kim Kardashian ‘files for divorce’ from Kanye West

Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West as she seeks joint custody of their four children and 'neither will contest their prenup'... after months of claims they were done

Over 166,000 hens die in Arizona farm fire

Over 166,000 laying hens died on Saturday after a fire broke out at a bird warehouse in Arizona.
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