In another series of WTF-ness that comes in the pandemic where some people and companies become asshats, Kroger initially “overpaid a small amount of workers” around March during the start of the pandemic when it was ramping up with cases across the country.

You know, said workers in groceries that are counted as “essential”, right?

As you can see from the rather “scathing” letter above to those undisclosed overpaid employees, demanding the employees pay back around close to $500 USD. Along with said letter, came the threat: FAILURE TO REPAY THE OVERPAYMENT COULD RESULT IN FURTHER COLLECTION EFFORTS.

What the actual F****!

,When asked, officials didn’t disclose how many of the workers got extra pay or where they worked. And the alleged employees in question were paid to stay home after falling ill with coronavirus symptoms, testing positive for COVID-19, or were otherwise quarantined. I would hazard a guess that those so-called overpayments were part of the

,So not only were these workers down and out – but they are also proverbially kicked in the face while down and out by their own company.

,The only words I have at the moment are unprintably ugly enough to make even a hardened sailor blush.

,That said; it seems after somebody tattled the letter to social media, they recanted due to the growing outrage on social media once pictures of the letter you see above went viral. So they did an about-face and decided NOT to demand repayment.

,In a statement that was a non-apology, they (Kroger) said that the latest incident was “an unfortunate payroll accounting error” and repeated that they wouldn’t seek repayment.

,”Unfortunate payroll accounting error” my ass – that letter demanding payment wasn’t an accident at all.

,As of now, estimates show that at least 65 grocery workers have died at Kroger and other retailers, and at least 9,810 have been infected or exposed to the deadly virus. Makes you wonder if any of those “letters” that demanded repayment were sent to the family of a worker that are among those that died in this pandemic. So far, no one’s talking.

,Good job, Kroger – you bast****.





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