By Joey Hadden

Kate Felmet used to go door to door making “apology rounds” to her neighbors when her cat, Esme, would steal their gloves, face masks, and other items she could fit in her mouth, she told Insider.

But recently, she found a better way to deal with her klepto-cat.

Kate Felmet’s yard with a sign reading, “My cat is a thief.” Courtesy of Kate Felmet

Playfully addressing the kitty crimes, Felmet put up a sign in her yard reading “My cat is a thief,” which featured a drawing of Esme with a pilfered glove in her mouth.

Next to the sign sits a clothesline filled with the various items Esme has come home with, which passersby are encouraged to take back should they recognize something of their own that’s gone missing.

Beaverton klepto-cat attracts worldwide attention

Felmet previously explained that she first noticed that Esme had sticky paws last spring. 

“She brought home 11 masks in one day,” she said according to U.K. outlet The Mirror. “I was so delighted that she wasn’t bringing me birds, and she got a lot of praise – and maybe a few treats for the gifts that weren’t recently alive.”

Since then, Esme has brought home a wide variety of items, including “several bathing suits, knee pads, rolls of tapes, packages of paint rollers and lengths of fabric.”

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