By Nellie Andreeva /

The local CBS station in Los Angeles this morning had a technical glitch many who have been working remotely during the pandemic can relate to.

During the network’s CBS This Morning, co-host Gayle King tossed it to the local stations at 7:16 AM, saying “Time to check on your local weather.”

But instead of weather forecast, CBS viewers in Los Angeles got to tune into a remote staff meeting at the local CBS2 station.

According to sources, a KCBS control room employee hit a wrong button and put an internal Zoom meeting on air during a 30-second window that is meant to be for a local weather report.

The topics discussed during the 30-second snippet of the meeting included cacti and a pitch for a Duran Duran interview tied to their new album.

The participants appeared oblivious to the fact that their discussion is being broadcast on TV. The internal video aired only in the Los Angeles market and did not go national.

Here is a video of the unscripted moment:




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