There’s this twitter post that’s been making traction about a Burger King restaurant in a currently unknown location that caught fire. To add to the drama, a raging customer had the audacity to demand a refund despite employees already panicking and leaving the premises.

Karen, why you so crazy?

As you can see from the video below, it seems that a Burger King was on fire – yet this cray-cray lady was demanding for her money back on possible order that may or may not have been delivered, BECAUSE THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT IS ON FIRE.

From what I could tell, the video above was uploaded by twitter user MinWageMaxRage at approximately 9:28 AM on March 6, 2020. You can clearly see heavy smoke coming from the Burger King fast food restaurant. To add to the already “odd” tableau, we can also see a woman yelling for a refund while other onlookers kept trying to shoo her away to safety.

Not only was the restaurant supposedly on fire, but a shouting match outside ensued as well. Double the drama, I guess. You can see that she is literally screaming at employees to run back into a burning building to get her refund, all the while thinking she has any kind of point saying “This is why you work at BK”.

I tried following the source of the video, and it seems it may be a reupload and can be traced to another one that’s probably a year old. Here’s and even longer video below:

But why do we call her “Karen” you say? The current slang name/term is used to mock entitled, whinny female drama queens who think they are all that – in the worst ways possible.

This “Karen” in the video is allegedly a nurse, but it’s ironic she’s calling fast food workers “hoes” and mocking their pay when she’s so hard up for that refund that it’s worth waiting next to a burning building.

Karen, why you so damn cray-cray?





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