Word has come down from Japan that they’ve opened a UFO research lab in Fukushima to study UFO encounters. Y’know, the same place where a nuclear accident happened in 2011. The irony isn’t lost on me, though I am expecting an appearance from Godzilla, Super sentai Rangers, and Ultraman in the future.

Takeharu Mikami, director of the International UFO Lab, fourth from left, and other affiliates, are seen holding a panel with the facility’s logo (shown enlarged on the left) at UFO Interactive Hall in the city of Fukushima’s Iinomachi district on June 24, 2021. (Mainichi/Mina Isogai)

According to news agencies covering the event, the research facility was opened in UFO Interactive Hall, a facility with UFO-related displays located in the city. It’s said that the institute will strive to unravel the “enigma” of these unidentified flying objects. It will be accepting online applications from researchers, witnesses, etc. with the intention to move forward with analysis and investigation.

This is about as official as any country can get in actually taking such phenomenon seriously.

Source: Oneindia News/YouTube

As per their “mandate”; the UFO Interactive Hall will be researching events like the 1970s a where light-emitting, cone-shaped flying object that has been witnessed near Mount Senganmori in the city of Fukushima’s former Iinomachi district that caused a stir among the public. Among their many tasks, the research facility’s activities will include the collection, analysis and disclosure of witness information concerning UFOs worldwide, making attempts to encounter UFOs, and investigation and research on the mystery of the afformentioned Mount Senganmori UFO incident. Famed Mu monthly occult magazine editor-in-chief Takeharu Mikami has been tagged to be the lead director in this research lab.

Since the facility’s launch, there has been around 30,000 people from in and out of the prefecture that visit it regularly.



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