By FOX 13 news staff

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office has recaptured an escaped inmate from the county jail.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said inmate Cody Jondreau was being held in the jail on an arrest warrant for murder out of Ohio. Gualtieri said Jondreau is accused of killing his 9-week-old son.

Video shows murder suspect escape from Florida jail in 26 seconds

He briefly escaped for about 10 minutes before he was recaptured by deputies, telling them he didn’t have a specific plan but considered requesting an Uber once he was free, the sheriff said.

During a press conference, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said in the past 25 years, he had never seen an escape like what occurred on Thursday morning. In the space of about 26 seconds, Cody Jondreau managed to hoist himself over the jail walls, the sheriff said, adding that the 25-year-old inmate was thin enough to fit through the razor wire sitting on top.




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