By Louise Hall

A birthday girl went to get her eyelashes done for her party – only for her entire eyelid to be torn off by the lash technician’s chihuahua.

Kelsey Salmon, 23, from Atlanta, Georgia, had been stroking the dog while getting the beauty treatment done before it lunged at her in an unprovoked attack.   

A woman who went to get her eyelashes done for her birthday had entire eyelid torn off by the lash technician’s chihuahua 

Horrifying photos show Kelsey’s entire eyelid lay discarded still with her brand new extensions still attached, while other images show her looking at the camera with her entire left eyeball exposed. 

The sales development representative said there was blood ‘everywhere’ and her ‘eyelid was on the floor’.  

She added: ‘I’m so lucky he didn’t grab onto my actual eye because that could have been a thousand times worse.

Woman’s Eyelid Ripped Off by Stylist’s Chihuahua

‘I was bawling my eyes out, she gave me a dirty blanket off the floor to stop my bleeding. She’s calling the ambulance; I’m calling my mother to meet me at the hospital.

‘When I got to the hospital, I ended up waiting for like seven hours. They didn’t have any ocular plastic surgeons at this hospital.

Medics have warned the wound will take up to a year to heal.

Kelsey has since documented her recovery on TikTok after the first video went viral and wants people to learn lessons from her experiences.

In the video, Kelsey showed pictures of her injury and said: “I can’t even close my eye. Now it’s sewn shut for ten days.”

Kelsey said: “It’s hard to see this happen to someone else, and I don’t want it to happen to anybody.




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