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During a township trustees board meeting in West Chester Township, Ohio, Board of Trustees, chairman Lee Wong, 69, began an improtu impassioned speech about the current racial tension that is plaguing America’s skewed sense of misplaced anger just as much as the coronavirus pandemic is plaguing its citizenry’s health: hate crimes on Asian community for somethin they have zero part of.

But first, a little background into the man: Lee Wong lost his parents at the age of 12. As an ethnic Chinese, Wong migrated to the US from Malaysia to pursue a degree in pharmacology in the early seventies. At age 18, he had an “unfortunate event” that led him to pursue a career in public service. While in Chicago during the 1970s, someone beat him up for being Asian. The two went to court and the scumbag who beat him up never got punished.

After that point, he went and enlisted into the U.S. Army and served for 20 years in active duty. While there, he also studied while in service to the military and got a bachelor’s degree in criminal science and applied for a position in the army police force’s CID. Wong is among the first Chinese American to get into one of the US Army’s investigaive organizations. The CID investigates felony crimes and serious violations of military law & the United States Code within the US Army. The command is a separate military investigative force with investigative autonomy; CID special agents report through the CID chain of command to the USACIDC Commanding General, who reports directly to the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Secretary of the Army. By position, the USACIDC commanding general is also the Army’s Provost Marshal General. And it was during his stint in the army that he learned a lot about American politics.

Wong’s current position is equivalent to that of a mayor in an incorporated city where around 3,000 businesses are located with a strong presence of biotech firms. The man has indeed covered a long distance to become the president of a township where more than 90 percent of the population is White.

It was during one such township meeting that the discussion turned into one in regards to what is currently happenning all over America these days: racism, bigotry and violence against Asians – all because former President number 45 decided to call the coronavirus (COVID-19 variant) “The CHINA virus”.

With that in mind, lemme get on my soapbox a little: it got into the minds of some idiots to acquiant ALL ASIANS currently living here in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA as part of the reason why there’s a pandemic, why there’s a lockdown, and why some non-essential workers are OUT OF A JOB. The same former president who had THREE MONTHS to prepare for a pandemic response – but instead PUBLICLY DECLARED IT A HOAX – and most of his cabinet chummies did nothing but twiddle their thumbs until the bodies started piling up. Well, it wasn’t a hoax anymore, huh?

As an Asian myself, I have been witness to same kind of shit other Asians have from people who do nothing but spew racist rhetoric against us for even just BREATHING air. I have heard stories from friends and family – most especially those who are working as front-liners in hospitals that are pretty much HOT ZONES where those infected with the pandemic have gone to – and they tell such stories as patients either denying they’re infected, and patients who will literally REFUSE HELP the moment they realize that the person taking care of them are ASIAN.

We’ve all seen news footages of spiked violence against Asians from shootings, beatings, stabbings, and finally, murder. I’ve seen “some” people on our Facebook fan page actually leaving LAUGHING emojis over shared articles of Asians being beaten, shot, stabbed, etc. It’s already passed some kind of invisible boiling point – at least for me.

Some people have complained that we should stop putting them up and bringing attention because it breeds more “negativity”. My answer is this: “Not bringing back that shit up isn’t going to make that shit go away.” It’s not a unicorn birthed from your many hourse of smoking bad drugs, and drinking 180 proof alcohol that goes away when you pass out, or die from liver failure. Ignoring the damn thing isn’t the answer, it’ll make more people NOT care about the victims. Interestingly enough; one of the many persons who said something similar on the page was a black dude who posted about Black Lives Matter on their own page back in the day. Really, So we Asians don’t count? Hypocritical much? Forget it, that person’s gone.

But I digress, let me go back to Mr. Lee Wong.

In the video below – one amongst many – that has gone viral, Mr Wong stands up and condemns the current atmosphere of violence against the Asian community – and a splendid rebuttal to those who say he isn’t “Patriotic” enough.

Here’s a more condensed form of it:

“Here’s my proof,” he said as he stood up with his shirt open, showing the scars, telling all that they were from his time of service in the US military. “Now, is this patriot enough?”

“I’m not afraid to walk around anymore. We are all the same. We are all equal.”

“Before, I was fairly inhibited. People look at me strange, and then they question my loyalty to this country?” Wong continued, saying that some people said he doesn’t look like an American.

“The last I read the American Constitution, we the people, we are all the same. We are equal.”

Prejudice is hate, and that hate can be changed. We are human. We need to be kinder, gentler, to one another,” Wong added.

Some of the responses to that tweet I just embedded are as follow:

I even spotted a familiar face amongst the retweets, George Takei himself – and take note, he was among the MANY Asians that experienced placement in Internment Camps right here in the good ol’ US of A during WW2 AFTER Japan bombed Pearl Harbor – just because they were Asian:

Say what you will, even if some people will ignore this – there will always be someone who will also listen rather than turn away. My own late grandfather recounted stories that he was part of the local forces fighting alongside the Americans in the Philippines during WW2, and had nothing but good things to say about America. He would be saddened if ever heard what’s become of the America he so admired had he had lived long enough to see his children, and grandchildren who made it here.

As for myself, I am in awe of Mr. Wong for his service. Thank you, sir – for your service to America. You are a true patriot! SALUD!




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