A cat apparently went on a rampage in the cockpit of a plane that was headed to Qatar recently.

The feline was so disruptive that the pilot actually decided to turn the plane around and abandoning the flight’s scheduled route, according to a report in the Sudanese newspaper Al-Sundai.

Hissing cat. PHOTO BY TED RHODES /Calgary Herald

A Tarco Airlines Boeing 737 was already 30 minutes into its flight from Khartoum, Sudan, to Qatar’s capital city of Doha when the cat suddenly emerged in the cockpit, according to the February 25 report.

Likely alarmed by its unfamiliar surroundings and people, the cat instantly went on the offensive, attacking the pilot and resisting attempts to catch it.

The ‘aggressive’ animal had somehow got into the cockpit prior to take-off, according to local media reports. 

The pilot was attacked by the cat in the cabin (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

The whole scene led the pilot to head back to Khartoum to safely remove the feline passenger. As noted by the U.K.’s Metro, local reports characterized the cat as “aggressive and angry.”

The furry stowaway was said to be a feral feline and, according to Al-Sundai, airline workers believe the cat likely boarded the plane while it was parked in the hangar overnight for cleaning.

The plane had to turn back to Airport of Khartoum

It’s also possible that the cat could’ve crept aboard the aircraft during the pre-flight engineer check.




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