Samantha Kubota

One McDonald’s employee in Louisville, Kentucky, apparently had enough on Saturday night and closed up shop early.

But before they left, the staffer put a paper sign on the drive-thru monitor: “We are closed because I am quitting and I hate this job.”

The sign was spotted at a McDonald’s in Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday, June 13, by a customer who uses the Twitter handle @GreatApeDad, who decided to share the scene with the world by snapping a picture and uploading it to the social media site.

He explained that the restaurant was actually open by the time he had rolled through the drive-thru but none of the staff had noticed the sign.

He added that an employee told him that their night manager had quit and closed early the evening before.

The sign was apparently posted to a monitor that had not been working for many weeks, with another sign which appeared to apologize for the inconvenience visible under the quitting notice.

It’s unclear whether the broken monitor was the final straw for the worker, but either way, @GreatApeDad told Today Food he ‘personally thought it was funny’ and uploaded it to Twitter without ‘thinking much of anything about it.’




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