By Alaa Elassar, CNN

One of the most premature babies ever born has become a record-breaker on his first birthday, according to Guinness World Records.

When Richard Scott William Hutchinson was born five months prematurely — recognized by Guinness as the world’s most premature baby — his doctors prepared his parents for the worst.

Richard was born at Children’s Minnesota hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after his mother, Beth Hutchinson, suffered medical complications that caused her to go into labor. He weighed less than a pound.

Youngest Surviving Premature Baby Stuns Doctors

“When [his father] Rick and Beth received prenatal counselling on what to expect with a baby born so early, they were given a 0% chance of survival by our neonatology team,” Dr Stacy Kern, Richard’s neonatologist at Children’s Minnesota, told Guinness World Records.

Richard Scott William Hutchinson 1st birthday




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