A Thai couple had an unexpected ‘guest’ in their house in the middle of the night last weekend — a wild Asian elephant.

“We were sound asleep and woke up by a noise from inside our kitchen,” said Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon, a resident of Hua Hin district in western Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

“So we rushed downstairs and saw this elephant poking its head into our kitchen where the wall was broken.”

The wall of their kitchen already had a hole in it from when the same elephant had smashed into her house the previous month, she said.

The damage to their house had not yet been repaired when the giant showed up again on Saturday and stuck its head through the hole.

Videos taken by Ratchadawan that have since gone viral, show the elephant extending its trunk to rummage through cupboards and drawers, knocking over plates and dishes.

At one point, the elephant used its trunk to pick up what appears to be a plastic bag filled with rice, and placed it in its mouth.”

I have seen elephants roaming around our town looking for something to eat, since I was young, but this is the first time they actually damaged my home.” said Ratchadawan.

Rachadawan said her husband helped her scare away the giant intruder – named ‘Bunchuay’ by locals – which then disappeared into the thicket.

She said: “This elephant is well known in her village because he causes a lot of mischief.”

Wild elephants are fairly common in Thailand’s national parks and their surrounding areas, with farmers sometimes reporting incidents of their fruits and corn crops being eaten by hungry herds.



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