By Lana Nguyen

Photo/Video: Steven Yeun/Hollywood Insider YouTube Channel

While Steven Yeun is best known for his role as Glenn Rhee in ‘The Walking Dead,’ it’s now abundantly clear that the role was merely the beginning of an illustrious career.

Through a variety of acting roles in character-driven films and animated shows, leading up to this year’s release of ‘Minari,’ Yeun has proved himself as a deeply empathetic and honest presence on the screen – an actor who no doubt has the chops to be nominated for this year’s Best Actor award.

Playing Fan Favorite Glenn Rhee in ‘The Walking Dead’

From the moment Yeun’s character Glenn Rhee saved Rick Grimes from a military tank overrun by Walkers (zombies) in episode 2 of ‘The Walking Dead,’ he was an instant fan-favorite.

The first survivor we meet in this post-apocalyptic world, Glenn set the standard for the absolute best of humanity one could see in a zombie outbreak – putting his own life at risk to help a stranger escape his otherwise inevitable demise.

As a character, Glenn flourished as a positive force within Rick’s group – the kind of “everyman” that everyone trusted. This kind of altruism is something the characters seem to chase for the rest of the show’s tenure, struggling to find a safe home amongst strangers who most likely are only thinking of their own survival.

A true class act, Steven Yeun will no doubt continue to lead Asian American artists into new heights, leading the burgeoning conversation on authentic diversity and representation, with nuance and grace.




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