By Genny Glassman

Hillarie Galazka is being hailed as a hero after protecting her twin boys during a car crash that killed her in Michigan.

The crash happened on Monday night on the entrance ramp of the I-96 when an unidentified 25-year-old who was speeding rear-ended the Saturn Ion belonging to the Lincoln Park mother.

A family is in mourning after Hillarie Galazka, 29, lost her life protecting her twin sons, seen as babies

Jodie Kelley, the 29-year-old Galazka’s mother, says Galazka used her body to shield her five-year-old boys from the impact of the crash, allowing them to escape with only minor injuries.

“Her body saved them,” her mother, Jodie Kelley, told Fox 2. “The boys say they saw her open her eyes, and look at them and then she closed her eyes, never opened them again. They remember that.”

The two boys in the fatal car crash were hospitalized, but suffered just minor injuries

Kelley said the driver was going “90 miles per hour in an SUV” when he hit her daughter’s car.

Police were able to find the driver when he went to the hospital, although it’s unclear if he sustained any serious injuries.

Police are investigating the driver, who had a suspended license, in addition to five current suspensions, two local warrants, and two prior convictions.

It’s not clear what charges the driver will be facing once the investigation is complete.  




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