Normally, the average life expectancy of penguins is likely around 15 to 20 years, with some individuals live considerably longer – but that isn’t so with one particular penguin that lives in the St. Louis Zoo in St. Louis, Missouri.

A southern rockhopper penguin at the St. Louis Zoo in St. Louis, Mo. – who goes by the name Enrique – was diagnosed with arthritis due to his advanced age. The plucky penguin is living well beyond his normal life expectancy as zoo staff members estimating his age to be around over 30 years old.

According to news agencies there, veterinarians have observed large, thick calluses forming on the bottom of Enrique’s feet as well as other symptoms that pointed to the ache-inducing condition. They attempted to treat it with ointments, but it came to no avail.

Fortunately, the good Dr. Johnson contacted a company named “Thera-Paw” in New Jersey that invents, designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes splints, braces, soft orthoses, protective garments, mobility aids, and other rehabilitative and assistive products for animals with special needs. It was them who then proceeded to take Enrique’s measurements and delivered his new footwear a month later.

Able to “properly” waddle around again, it seems that Enrique The Penguin has once again found his happy feet!



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