We’ve all experienced being in the wrong place at the wrong time, right? I guess being stuck in a crane 375 feet up high during an effing tornado pretty much ranks up high – pun intended – in the list of places you wish you weren’t.

That’s EXACTLY what happened to Jason Nash from Nashville, Tennessee who was working in a high tower crane in Nashville on early Tuesday when a tornado appeared and started tearing through the city.

Jason Nash – pictured above – started panicking when the twister started gaining full force and seemed to be heading right for him. He captured the terrifying video footage while being stuck almost 400 feet up in the air. As you can see in the video below, Nash panicked as he was in the crane cab as the winds began to roar and bright lights started to flash in the distance.

Feeling like it was the last moments he had alive, he also started a message for his family and friends. ‘Carla, There is a real tornado right there. Oh my god,’ Nash says as he records the scene of downtown Nashville sprawled out below him. ‘If something happens make sure everybody knows I love them, Carla,’ he said.

‘This is no joke. There’s a real tornado right there, right f***ing there! Oh my God!’ he added.

According to Nash, he only had just about a two-minute warning about the tornado before the twister emerged, then came barrelling through the city.

Once the coast was relatively clear, he said it took him 15 minutes to climb down the crane and get to safety.

Talk about “lucky”, eh? At least he gets to live through this harrowing experience and was able to return to his family and friends.





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