A grieving widow was sent a poison pen letter mocking her Asian husband’s death on the day of his funeral. Claudia Choi, from Seal Beach, California, has said a letter was posted to her family that says now her father ‘is gone, it’s one less Asian we have to put up with’.


On the day that Claudia Choi buried her father, Byong, her mother was sent a threatening and racist letter that told the grieving widow to “Pack your bags.”

The letter came from an unknown resident in Leisure World, the Seal Beach, California retirement community where Choi’s mother and father lived.

“Now that Byong is gone makes it one less Asian to put up with in Leisure World,” the handwritten letter said. “You f*cking Asians are taking over our American community! It is not resting well with all and everybody who lives here—true statement!!! Watch out! Pack your bags and go back to your country where you belong!”

The Choi family received the letter, the same day as Byong’s funeral (Picture: CBS Los Angeles)

Angered by the letter, Choi, a resident of Echo Park, Los Angeles, shared it with KCAL-TV.

Seal Beach police and the U.S. Postal Inspector are investigating the anonymous letter as hate crime.

“To target a grieving widow, it’s disgusting,” Choi said. “They postmarked it on the day of my father’s funeral. How cruel could you be? Shame on them.”

She shared the letter because, she said “Racism and hatred and cruelty needs to be denounced at every turn.” She added that people need to speak up whenever they witness an instance of anti-Asian discrimination, even if it’s passed off as a joke.

“That is not okay,” she said, “because these little things that we allow to pass lead to bigger things.”

In 2020, 122 incidents of anti-Asian hate crimes occurred in 16 of the nation’s most populous cities—a nearly 150 percent increase over 2019, according to the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, VOA reported.

Newsweek contacted Golden Rain Foundation, the managing agent and the trustee of Leisure World, for comment.




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