In what seems like a cold open to a murder-mystery TV show; at just after 8 a.m. on Monday a kayaker came a cross a gruesome discovery while voluntarily trying to pick up trash around Alum Creek Lake around 20 miles north of Columbus, Ohio: human remains.

He immediately called for the police.

A kayaker discovered a human leg in a plastic bin at Alum Creek Lake in Ohio, cops say. GOOGLE MAPS SCREENSHOT

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources rushed to Alum Creek Lake and began their investigation. According to Delaware County Sheriff Russell Martin, the kayaker they interviewed had found a human leg exposed out of a plastic bin floating on the lake while going around picking up trash and other debris.

Not knowing what else was inside; the authorities towed the plastic bin out of the lake because of its surprisingly hefty weight, and upon further inspection found more remains within.

As of the writing of this article, we do know that the human remains have been identified as male – but the identity of said remains is still being investigated as a possible homicide.



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