Paulina Arreola Perez, apparently thought she was going to meet a shoe vendor when she was riddled with bullets by gunmen on a motorcycle

By Olivia Burke

Paulina Arreola Perez, 26, was assassinated by gunmen on motorbikes after she was tricked into meeting a bogus client who wanted to buy her shoes.

Her friend Eduardo Arturo Trejo was also killed in the shooting in Mexico City on June 9.

Paulina was hit with a hail of bullets and suffered nine gunshot wounds while Eduardo sustained two as they sat in her Honda pickup truck.

Paramedics and police attended the scene before they both succumbed to their injuries in hospital.

Paulina Arreola Perez, 26, was shot at least nine times after being tricked into the meeting

It is believed she was targeted due to her links to the criminal group ‘La Union Tepito’ and her former boyfriend Alexis ‘El Alexis’ Martinez, one of the cartel’s leaders.

The organization is well known to be involved in the sale of narcotics, kidnapping, extortion, and murder in and around the Mexican capital.

It is believed she was targeted due to her links with the La Union Tepito cartel

Paulina had enjoyed a life of luxury with her mobster boyfriend, travelling around the world and wearing designer clothing.

The couple shared snaps of their extravagant holidays to the likes of Dubai, Athens and Toronto on social media – most of which was paid for with cloned credit cards.

Mob boss Martinez was murdered in March this year by a hitman disguised as a food deliveryman in the city of Zapopan – forcing his ex-partner to start selling shoes online for an income.

Paulina was then allegedly lured into a meeting with an unnamed suspect posing as a potential client.




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