Georgetown Law has fired one white professor and placed another on administrative leave after a video of their discussion about a black student was condemned on social media. 


Dean Bill Treanor anounced on Thursday that the school had ended its relationship with Professor Sandra Sellers, 62, after the video showed her complaining on Zoom that black students were predominantly at the bottom of her class.

She was speaking to Professor David Batson, who was placed on leave on Thursday for not correcting Sellers pending a further investigation by the prestigious law school, which was attended by former first daughter Tiffany Trump. 

The Black Law Students Association called for Professor Sandra Sellers to be terminated after the video in which she said black students were the bottom of her class

The interaction happened at the conclusion of a negotiations class around February 21, which was being recorded so that students could watch it later, according to the Washington Post. 

The professors had stayed on Zoom to discuss the students after they left and where unaware that it was still recording. It was online for two weeks until students noticed the conversation between Sellers and Batson at the end and reported it to the school on Monday.  

‘They were a bit jumbled. It’s like let me reason through that, what you just said,’ Sellers said of a student’s performance, who the Black Law Students Asssociation claims is the only black person in the class.

‘You know what? I hate to say this, I end up having this angst every semester, that a lot of my lower ones are blacks,’ the adjunct professor of mediation and negotiation continued.  

A statement from Dean Bill Treanor on Thursday confirmed that Sellers had been fired
The Black Law Students Association has issued a list of demands following the video

Alumni took to social media to call for Sellers’ resignation:




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