The suspect was captured on video entering Steph’s Designs in the Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights and approaching the victim while she was sitting behind the counter on Friday afternoon.

By Mary Murphy

The assailant has a quick verbal exchange with the 22-year-old woman, identified by the store as Desteny, and then reached over the counter and struck her with a sharp object.

The man subsequently ran out of the store and raced across the street to the surprise of a group of men who were playing dominoes on the sidewalk.

The surveillance video showed Cabrera sitting down and looking at her cellphone by the store’s register shortly after 3 p.m. Friday, when the man entered the shop and approached her.

“He definitely aimed for my face,” Cabrera said. “I wasn’t wearing a mask.”

Cabrera said she doesn’t know why she was targeted.  

“I do not know why anyone would do this,” she added.

A review of surveillance footage from the past week revealed the suspect had shown up several times before.

“Security cameras show he went the week before, and I wasn’t there,” Cabrera said. “He was looking for me.”

When asked about her recovery, Cabrera said she has to breathe through her mouth.

“It’s hard to breathe,” she added.

None of the merchandise was stolen from the store. 

The New York Police Department announced that the suspect is ‘approximately 25-28 years old, 5’11’ – 6′ tall, 180 lbs. and was last seen wearing a black track suit with purple and orange bands on his elbows and blue sneakers.’ 

Desteny post a photo of herself on her Instagram account as well on a GoFundMe page following her attack Friday at a store where she is employed as a manager in Manhattan. The motive for the attack is unknown

The motive for the attack on Desteny is unknown. 

No arrests had been reported as of Monday afternoon. 

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