Following the convictions of six co-conspirators, a former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was sentenced to seven years in federal prison Monday for orchestrating a $2 million armed robbery of a weed warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.

By Marissa Wenzke

Marc Antrim, 43, of South El Monte, pleaded guilty in March 2019 to several criminal charges in connection with the Oct. 29, 2018 heist. He and a group of co-conspirators were dressed as Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies when they carried out a “search” at a warehouse.

In reality, Antrim was not serving a legitimate search warrant but rather robbing the warehouse, stealing 1,200 pounds of weed worth an estimated $1.5 million and $645,000 in cash.

According to prosecutors, the judge who sentenced Antrim said he significantly reduced the former deputy’s prison sentence because Antrim testified against Christopher Myung Kim, a disgruntled former employee of the warehouse. Kim, a 31-year-old resident of Walnut, helped execute the heist.

While both men were convicted of the same five criminal charges, Kim received a 14-year prison term — twice the prison time Antrim is expected to serve. Kim must also pay a $500,000 fine.

Upon arriving to the warehouse, Antrim flashed his sheriff’s badge and a fake search warrant to security guards working at the entrance.

Photos posted to the Instagram account of (ex-) Deputy Sheriff Marc Antrim

He and the other thieves wore duty belts, carried firearms and arrived in an official patrol vehicle — an LASD Ford Explorer.

One of the fake deputies carried a long gun to intimidate the guards, according to prosecutors.

The men detained three security guards inside the cage of the Ford Explorer, prosecutors said. When a fourth man arrived in a large rental truck, all four started loading marijuana into the truck.

Kim, the disgruntled former warehouse employee, worked there for several years before leaving his job just weeks before the crime. He was convicted of the same charges as Antrim but received a prison sentence that’s seven years longer.

He conspired with Antrim to carry out the heist “both for profit and to get revenge against his own bosses,” U.S. Department of Justice spokesman Ciaran McEvoy wrote in a statement from the agency.

Two other co-conspirators — Kevin McBride, 45, of Glendora and Eric Rodriguez, 35, of Adelanto —are serving prison terms of six and nine years, respectively




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