Jade Chipps, 31, from Florida, US, bought a cardboard cutout of her husband to keep her company – after previously printing his face on a pillow, a onesie and even her bathing suit

By Matthew Dresch

A devoted wife misses her imprisoned husband so much she bought a cardboard cutout of him to keep her company.

Jade Chipps, from Florida, US, ordered the cutout because she wanted her beloved to be with her over the Christmas holiday.

In a hilarious viral video posted on TikTok she can be seen cuddling her ‘husband’ in bed – and even letting him float around in the pool.

Jade Chipps cuddling her cardboard cutout husband in bed (Image: tiktok/jadalous)

However, Mrs Chipps told The Mirror that life as a ‘prison wife’ is not as easy as it appears from the outside.

The 31-year-old said she is always alone and has yet to have sex with her husband, despite getting married in 2018.

Her husband bought her a car and even sends her flowers
Her husband bought her a car and even sends her flowers (Image: tiktok/jadalous)

The former flight attendant first contacted her future husband in 2017 after discovering a prison pen pal website.

She told The Mirror: “On one of my overnights I was watching TV and a lady was talking about how she met her husband on a prison pen pal site, so I decided to look at the website.

“I saw Chris and thought ‘he’s cute’ and decided to write to him.”

She found her future husband on a prison pen pal website
She found her future husband on a prison pen pal website (Image: Instagram/jadalous)

The couple exchanged long letters before eventually agreeing to speak on the phone – and then finally meeting in person.

Mrs Chipps flew to his South Dakota jail, where they ‘fell in love’ and eventually got married in 2018.

The beautician joked: “My parents were very proud of me.”

Mrs Chipps even lets her cutout enjoy some time in the pool
Mrs Chipps even lets her cutout enjoy some time in the pool (Image: tiktok/jadalous)

She said her husband, who was jailed for burglary and identity theft in 2014, won her heart with his ‘kind’ personality.

“I’ve never been treated so nicely. He’s a nice person and kind. I know he’s in prison but I see the good in him,” she told The Mirror.

Mrs Chipps, who visits her husband every month, said he is due to be released in 2024 and she cannot wait to live with him.

The couple spent Christmas together with Mrs Chipps' family
The couple spent Christmas together with Mrs Chipps’ family (Image: tiktok/jadalous)

He has already bought her a car and he owns the house she currently lives in, she said.

The beautician added: “People say he’s just using me but my husband is Native American and his tribe own a casino and get a monthly ‘per cap’ (profit from the casino).”

She explained that he turned to crime after he became addicted to methamphetamine and was cut off from the casino cash by his tribe.

The loyal wife even printed her hubby's face on a bathing suit
The loyal wife even printed her hubby’s face on a bathing suit

However, he is now back in control of his finances and is splashing out on his wife.

The couple are excited about their future and hope to have a child together when he is released.




  1. There should be a part 2 to this story or at least correction and fact-check: this couple has a lot more than love and devotion between them. Chipps has 23 page criminal record and many victims of his crimes over last 20 years all of most which he has spent in prison. He was found to be legally severely mentally ill in 2014 & 2016 and sentenced to max 30yrs factoring his inability to function outside of prison without offending. Many identity and theft crimes, firearms, domestic violence, and drug charges. He will not be released in 2024. Jade the newest wife’s motives for trying to sell this story promoting her “famous love story with kind husband living a luxurious prison wife lifestyle from injustice” is in fact a effort to cover current pending legal actions against both Chris and Jade involving identity fraud, doxxing, cyber stalking. Both will be appearing in court April 17th for hearing for orders of permanent protection against them. There should be a story on the great lengths of deceit criminals and sociopaths go through in effort to maintain image and bury anything that out there that could tant attention for such delusions from victims and others that actually know them.


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