Some people think that those that are homeless are the dregs of society that shouldn’t be given a bother – that they’re a waste of space. Not many stop to think that these people are the way they are due to circumstances beyond their control. Some don’t enough money, even if they somehow find work. Some of them even used to be from our armed forces – some whose families may have abandoned them due to not being able to cope with their PTSD. Whatever the case, a lot of people don’t think of their situation.

It seems that some people in San Jose, California are also doing their best to care for them. And I say that it’s about damn time someone gave a damn.

This is finally possible after years of back and forth debate, because the first of two planned locations has officially opened on Thursday in San Jose, CA. In a press event, the state of California marked the opening of the Mabury Bridge Housing Project, a transitional housing facility with a capacity to house 40 people, built on land owned by Valley Transit Authority.

These are what most will call “tiny homes” – taken directly from the current movement known as the tiny-house movement (aka Tiny Homes/Tiny Houses) is an architectural and social movement that advocates

According to the 2018 International Residential Code, Appendix Q – the definition of a Tiny Home is of a residential structure under 400 sq. ft. These homes that the people in San Jose, CA made fit the definition and were

As of now, nine people had reportedly moved in, with one person finding housing elsewhere as their situation have improved.





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