By Sabrina Barr

With a case against him still pending in Las Vegas, controversial big cat owner Jeff Lowe of “Tiger King” is facing big trouble with the feds.

Video shows feds hauling animals away from ‘Tiger King’ star Jeff Lowe’s property

Officials from the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife were at Lowe’s facility in Thackerville, Oklahoma, on Thursday, armed with a search and seizure warrant.

Video from TMZ shows federal officials confiscating several big cats and loading them into individual cages to haul away.

Jeff Lowe Says Feds Seizing Animals at His Zoo, Video of Big Cat Being Hauled Away | TMZ

Lowe’s lawyer says the warrant was sealed.

The Lowes are no longer licensed to exhibit big cats.

Both are the subject of an ongoing federal case for alleged violations of Endangered Species Act and the Animal Welfare Act.

Previously, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jonathan D. Brightbill of the Environment and Natural Resources Division had some choice words for the Tiger King star.

“The Lowes’ failure to provide basic veterinary care, appropriate food, and safe living conditions for the animals does not meet standards required by both the Animal Welfare Act and the Endangered Species Act,” Brightbill explained in a statement.

“Exhibitors cannot evade the law simply by shutting out the USDA and moving their animals elsewhere. The Department of Justice will support the USDA in pursuing those who violate federal animal protection laws.”

In August last year, the Tiger King zoo was permanently closed, with Jeff forfeiting his license.




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