In spite of all that’s currently happening in 2020, life seems to still find a way for what passes as normal insanity amongst the “criminal underworld” to continue.

At least “tried” to continue in the case of Glen Richard Mousseau, aged ,49, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The guy was caught after he tried to escape authorities he was supposedly cooperating with by fleeing the hotel he was staying in the middle of the night- but was later found in the Detroit River attached to floating bags of marijuana. The man had admitted ,to directing smuggling operations between the Detroit and Canada using a submarine that hauls drugs, people, and liquor – and when he was initially caught by authorities, was more than helpful in ratting out his cohorts.

,He’s basically a modern day pirate. ARRR.

,Narco-subs, (aka drug sub for those not yet in the know) ,is a type of custom-made ocean-going self-propelled

,Below is a number of subs most likely used in such endeavors via a chart from H I Sutton.

,Mousseau was reported to be trying to “cooperate” with authorities by ratting out a few of his contacts, so they also allowed him to stay ,at the Baymont Hotel in Flat Rock as the investigation continued – until he escaped.

A short time later, Border Patrol agents spotted a vessel crossing the international boundary into United States waters. Giving pursuit in trying to stop the vessel before it could cross back into international waters, the agents said they saw two large bundles being thrown into the water as the vessel made its gettaway after it had apparently got their attention.

One of those “bundles” thrown overboard was Mousseau.

It seems his cronies literally booted the guy overboard – and also tossed his supposed “goods” along with him because when agents got to Mousseau in the water, they also found about 265 pounds of what looked to be marijuana attached to him via a tow strap.

According to authorities when they made the arrest, Mousseau and the bundles were removed from the water and taken to the Gibraltar Border Patrol Station for processing.

Pirates, eh?





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