There was certainly no ‘Chickenjoy’ for Alique Perez when she pulled apart the batter of her aptly-named fast food meal this week.

By Laurence Dollimore

The mother was instead ‘disgusted’ after discovering her deep-fried ‘chicken’ from Jollibee, based in the Philippines, was actually a hand towel.

She immediately uploaded videos of the grim find to Facebook, which garnered 2.4 million hits before being deleted.

The offending restaurant has since thrown in the towel – temporarily at least (Picture: Newsflash/Alique Perez)

The offending restaurant has since thrown in the towel – temporarily at least – after vowing to close for three days following the incident on Wednesday.

Ms Perez said: ‘This is really disturbing… How the hell do you get the towel in the batter and even fry it?

Jollibee closes BGC branch for 3 days after fried towel incident

‘I really thought that the posts complaining about weird stuff in their orders were just all made up, now I know that it really happens! So disgusting and embarrassing.

‘The essence of the towel contaminated the oil and the batter from the supplier so how many Chickenjoys are affected? We won’t know…’

Ms Perez said she had been trying to cut a piece off for her son but found it ‘super hard’ to get through the batter.

She claimed she had the Chickenjoy meal delivered to her home from a franchise of the fast-food chain in Metro Manila.

Jollibee said it would temporarily shut down the restaurant after the post went viral. The eatery closed its doors later the same day.

Jollibee Foods Corp said the branch had ‘deviated’ from standard food preparation procedure based on an internal investigation.

The company said it would ‘thoroughly review its compliance with procedures’ and retrain workers to make sure such an incident is never repeated.

It was not made clear how the towel incident transpired nor whether Ms Perez would be compensated.




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