By EMILY BROWN / unilad

While most attics and roof spaces are filled with dust, Christmas decorations and maybe a spider or two, one family in Australia was stunned to find theirs held more than 50 snake skins.

I suppose 50 snake skins is a lot better than 50 snakes, but the fact that only the skins were discovered begs the question: where the hell are the snakes responsible?

The unnerving find was made by snake catcher Dave, of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, at a home in Rocksberg, Queensland on Tuesday, May 4.

It seems the family at the home had suspected there may be something slithery living above their heads as they hired Dave to conduct a roof inspection, but I don’t think anyone could have been prepared for the reality, which saw Dave return from the roof with more than 30 snake skins.

The skins are said to have come from carpet pythons and common tree snakes, and in a post on Facebook Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers explained there were ‘probably another 20 skins’ still in the family’s roof.

Stuart McKenzie, who works with Dave at the snake-catching company, told Daily Mail Australia that the discovery actually wasn’t that unusual.

He explained: ‘Snakes spend a lot of time in roof spaces because there’s lots of food up there like rodents. It’s rare you’d get a brown snake or red belly in your roof.’

Stuart claimed to have found more than 100 snake skins during one of his jobs, though Tuesday’s find marked a milestone for Dave as his colleague explained: ‘Dave has seen plenty of skins left in people’s roofs before but nothing like this.’

Though the thought of sharing your home with a few dozen snakes might be enough to send some people running for the hills, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers have assured the reptiles are ‘great to have in your roof as they eat all the rodents’, adding: ‘Who doesnt love free pest control!! [sic]’

The children at the home are said to have ‘loved’ learning about the discovery and ‘had plenty of questions to ask Dave about snakes’, with one image showing a young boy smiling gleefully as he grasped handfuls of snake skins.

Stuart went on to say that people ‘shouldn’t be too nervous about skins in their roof’, but if anyone is concerned about the slithery guests they can ‘call their local snake catcher.’

With Australia known for its creepy-crawlies, I suppose snakes living in the roof is just another thing some residents have to get used to dealing with!




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