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Morgan Carey, who’s been estranged from the singer for over a decade, told The Sun that her memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, is “fabricated” and proves she’s on the cusp of a “breakdown.”

The 60-year-old said he nursed his little sister through a breakdown in July 2001, when the star was hospitalized and her mom, Patricia, was forced to call the police.

Morgan and Mariah in happier times Credit:

In her book, Mariah, 51, also claims that Morgan agreed to kill someone for $30,000, but never went through with it, and her older sister Alison, 58, pimped her out at the age of 12.

But Morgan furiously denied the claims, and said he’s filing a lawsuit against his sibling.

“It’s heartbreaking to witness my little sister’s descent into this hatefully delusional revisionist rant because it is so reminiscent of her unhinged behavior during her first breakdown,” he said.

“The so-called ‘memoir’ is laden with lies, distortions and gross revisionism from beginning to end, and I can prove it.

“When I reveal the truth, the facts and supporting evidence, it will be a very harsh pill for she and her publishers to swallow and rest assured I will be filing a lawsuit.”

Mariah’s explosive memoir details incidents where her siblings would ruin Christmas with “abusive” arguments.

She wrote: “A shouting match became a tornado of fists in what seemed like a matter of seconds, banging through the room, knocking things over, and leaving havoc in its wake.”

The star also said she was treated like an “ATM with a wig” by greedy family members.

A family source added: “Mariah’s version of what happened when they were younger and the truth are miles apart.

“But she’s now going to face a serious court case, which could cost her millions. Morgan has kept photos and other documents for years and has a lot of dirt on his sister.

“She shouldn’t underestimate him.”

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