By WIS News 10 Staff 

The ex-girlfriend of a man found dead on I-20 is shedding more light on what led up to the fatal shooting that killed a 21-year-old.

Torrian Oree’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his child says that he knew something wasn’t right and thought he might be about to die.


Regina Miles said he called her to tell her where he was just in case something happened to him.

“He knew something was about to happen to him,” said Miles.

Miles had just spoken to Oree an hour before his death. He called her saying he was afraid.

“He said the people he was with were acting weird and funny and that he felt something. He said I just want you to know where I’m at in case something happens to me,” said Miles.

She was out of town and thought he might have just been paranoid. Then Oree’s body was found on the side of I-20 with multiple gunshot wounds.

Officials say Oree was in a car with two 17-year-olds when a gunfight broke out.

Oree either jumped out or was pushed, and the two juveniles went to the hospital because one of them was shot and that’s how police found them and arrested them.




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