By Neal Baker Guy Birchall THE SUN

The earworm YouTube smash hit Baby Shark has been embroiled in a sexism row over its lyrics.

The version of the song in its native South Korea brands the mummy shark “pretty” and the daddy shark “strong”.

It has led critics to condemn the Korean version of the catchy tune — which has racked up more than 7.6BILLION views on YouTube worldwide. In January a local newspaper in South Korea slammed the “sexist” tropes pedaled in the song.

The Kyunghyang Shinmun newspaper said in a front page editorial that the lyrics reinforced sexist prejudices.

The song was even adopted by the right-wing Liberty Korea Party during local elections. It triggered threats of legal action for copyright infringement by Smartstudy — the South Korean video and education company that controls the Pinkfong brand.

The English version of the the aquatic ditty simply lists the members of a family of sharks, namely: Baby, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa. But the Korean version ascribes other attributes to the underwater clan.

Mummy Shark is “pretty”, Daddy Shark is “strong”, Grandma Shark is “kind” and Grandpa Shark is “cool”.

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