By Meredith Deliso

A California school district’s entire board of trustees has resigned after several were heard making disparaging comments about parents during a live virtual meeting this week.

The Oakley Union Elementary School District announced the resignation of the board members on Friday, two days after the public meeting, a portion of which was recorded and shared on YouTube.

Many families are desperate to get their kids back in the classroom, while schools are struggling with how to keep students and teachers safe.

The board members apparently thought Wednesday’s meeting wasn’t yet open to the public at the time they started talking about social media criticism from parents.

“Are we alone?” one board member, Kim Beede asks, before saying, “B—- if you’re going to call me out, I’m going to f— you up.”

Someone watching the meeting said they started recording after “one of the board members spoke poorly of parents of students in the district” and posted the video anonymously to YouTube on Thursday.

“I only wish for our local public school to be run by better people,” the person wrote.

The four members of Oakley Union Elementary School District Board had stepped down by Friday amid growing outrage. Before the meeting officially began and unaware the public could see and hear them, they used profanity and made jokes about parents just wanting a babysitter or to smoke pot in their home.

The incident garnered national attention and widespread condemnation.

The district’s superintendent, Greg Hetrick, announced the resignation in a letter Friday and said that Contra Costa County education board members will replace them in an interim capacity, the Mercury News reported.

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