By Kaitlin Reilly

Has Emma Watson said goodbye to acting for good?

That’s what some fans think after a report from The Daily Mail claimed that the Harry Potter alum’s agent stated her career is “dormant,” and her publicist confirmed she is “not taking on new commitments.”

According to a source for The Daily Mail, Emma is spending her work-free time with partner Leo Robinton, a Los Angeles-based businessman who she has been dating for over a year and is rumored to be engaged to.

Many fans flocked to social media to express their sadness over Emma’s potential decision to quit the industry, with one tweeting, “Emma Watson just retired from acting could this year get any worse?” Another added, “I haven’t even been awake for 10 minutes of the day to only discover Emma watson’s retired from movies. Down horrendous today already.”

A third shared, “Rumor has it Emma Watson retired from acting. Makes me kinda sad, I love her and her projects. But regardless I respect her decision and whatever makes HER happiest.”

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