By RTV Staff

On April 22, 2021 a cash-in-transit heist from armed robbers failed due to the evasive maneuvers and titanium-plated balls of steel this driver has. Most people would have freaked out in a situation like this, but he was cool as a can be!

The attempted heist happened in South Africa where raiders repeatedly rammed and open fired on an armored Toyota Land Cruiser as the driver and an armed guard flee through traffic. Their bullets rip into the side of a armored Land Cruiser as the driver coolly employs impressive evasive defensive driving to avoid the armed robbers chasing them.

It kinda rivals some of the greatest Hollywood high speed chases of all time from INSIDE the driver’s seat — and it was shot on a dashcam:

Dash cam footage above records the moment loud cracks begin, with the outer pane of the driver’s window shattering inches from his face moments later.

“Gun,” he tells his partner in the passenger seat, as the guy starts unstrapping his pistol from its holster. Without even looking at him – AND STILL DRIVING – the driver reaches down and to his side and instead hands him an automatic rifle, telling him — in a quote that would have come straight from any Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stalone, or Chuck Norris movie — “Proper gun.”

Personally, I think he resembles a bespectacled Sean Connery when he says “Proper gun!”

The car’s engine can be heard roaring as he screeches away, steering hard several times in an effort to lose his adversaries – sometimes going AGAINST the traffic.

At one point the driver performs a 180 and then can heard shouting “They’re going to shoot. They’re going to f****** shoot,” before several more shots ring out – this time, nailing the car’s window on the passenger side.

During the chase, the driver instructs his partner to call for help, saying: “Phone Robbie, phone Josh. Ask them where they are,” – while still pulling off his impressive driving skills without even buckling under the intense pressure of the chase.

After two-and-a-half minutes mark in the video, the driver parked the truck, grabbed the rifle from his partner – who kinda looks shell-shocked – and got out, ready to fire. Fortunately – for the crooks, that is – they had already gave up and fled.

According to the original poster who first shared the video to Reddit, who had shared the video from a WhatsApp group, said the Land Cruiser was carrying phones, which was the target of the attempted heist. He said it got stuck attempting to ram the sedan over a bollard as the security driver had turned the chase into a pursuit towards the end of the video.

After the guards got out of the Land Cruiser when it got stuck, the sedan the security driver was aiming his busted armored car at tried to run them over and missed – before finally fleeing the scene.

He also said that neither guards were injured — and no phones were stolen.




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