There’s a gator problem in Disney World, and it has nothing to do with Captain Hook.

To clear Disney’s properties of roaming reptiles, Florida’s gator trappers are coming to the rescue, and they’re paid $30 for every one they catch, the Orlando Sentinel reported on Tuesday.

The drive to rid Disney of gators started after one attacked and killed Lane Thomas Graves, 2, on a beach at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in June 2016.

About 250 gators have been removed from Disney properties over the past five years, the Sentinel reported.

250 Gators Removed From Walt Disney World Properties Since Boy Died In 2016 Attack

Tammy Sapp, a spokeswoman for the commission, told the newspaper that most of the gators had been euthanized.

Under Disney’s agreement with the trappers, they can keep the profits reaped from any leather and meat sold, the report said.

Other alligators have been sent to farms, exhibits, and zoos, while gators under 4 feet have been relocated, Sapp said.

By Michael Hollan | Fox News



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