In an “effort” to stay “current” in social media trends, and to appear “relevant, inclusive, and forward-thinking”, Disney – in all their apparent “wisdom” – is retiring Boba Fett’s canonical ship name “SLAVE 1” to “Boba Fett’s Starship” as they go all-in on woke media pandering when the new LEGO box art for his ship is advertised without the titular Bounty Hunter’s ship’s name.

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The reactions from actual fans when the new, updated LEGO building toy headlining the notorious Mandalorian Bounty Hunter’s ship came out with a “different” name is wholly negative at what they feel is another slight to the franchise from Disney.

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According to when they asked Jens Kronvold Frederiksen (LEGO Star Wars Design Director) and Michael Lee Stockwell (LEGO Star Wars Lead Designer) when they introduced the new set for the first time in regards to the name change, they got this as the reply:

First off, who is this “EVERYBODY” Jens is talking about here, I wanna know. I’m pretty sure the ACTUAL fans of the franchise aren’t clamoring for this. I’m one of them that ISN’T clamoring for this.

Before everyone gets their pitchforks sharpened and vamoosing to LEGO HQ; it wasn’t their decision to change the name, this change was requested by Disney themselves – and a notice went out to all their licensed partners to do so.

You heard it right, DISNEY is the one that requested the name change.

It got twitter into an uproar for and against that even the original actor – Mark Anthony Austin – who PLAYED Boba Fett in “A NEW HOPE” in the first original trilogy weighed in on this. Austin blasted the name change in a number of tweets on Monday, with another one reading: “WARS. Sounds harsh says #disney. Let’s change the franchise name to: STAR DISPUTES.”

YouTuber YellowFlash2 reacts to this as well:

One commenter posted:

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It seems Disney is starting to backtrack and heavily censor, add warnings, and outright change some words in the wake of the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and subsequent riots over racism. It can also be attributed when some in the tech world were calling for an end to the word “master” and “slave” designations.

They should know that doing so still doesn’t erase history, both real and fictional. It doesn’t change the fact that in Star Wars official lore; higher ranking Jedis were known as “Master” in their appellation, and it certainly doesn’t change the fact that Anakin Skywalker WAS a slave when he was “rescued” by the Jedi MASTER Qui Gon Jinn in “A Phantom Menace”.

It’s also interesting to note that on their streaming platform – Disney+ – now has restrictions applied on such classic films such as Dumbo, Peter Pan, and The Aristocats because they contain racist and culturally insensitive depictions. Their other titles now come with the content warnings as well; this include Swiss Family Robinson, Fantasia, The Jungle Book, and Lady and the Tramp to name a few.

I know that they “MIGHT” be only changing the name on the merchandise, as people will always canonically call the ship “SLAVE I” – but with Disney, you’ll never know.

It never ends, does it?



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