By Emily Shapiro

The shooter has not been named but he is a veteran firefighter who was described as a ‘disgruntled employee’. 

He opened fire at Fire Station 81 in Santa Clarita on Tuesday at 10.55am, killing a 44-year-old firefighter engineer, and wounding a 54-year-old fire captain.

It’s unclear when he left the fire department or why. Neither the victim nor the injured firefighter has been named.  

1 firefighter dead, 1 injured in fire station shooting: Sources


1 firefighter dead, 1 hurt in shooting at fire station in Agua Dulce

An emotional LA County fire chief Daryl Osby told reporters: ‘When I received the news it was some of the worst news I’ve heard in my career. 

‘As a fire chief, I have dealt with a lot of death, and a lot of fallen members of my department. I’ve always prayed that we would never have a line of duty death. I never thought that if it occurred it would occur in this fashion.’

The shooter opened fire at 10.55am on Tuesday at the fire station, then he drove 10 miles to his home. He set it on fire then shot himself

The firefighter who was shot dead was a 20-year veteran of the fire department, and was married with a son, the chief revealed. He was described as ‘truly dedicated’ to his role.

THe shooter drove ten miles to his home where he barricaded himself inside then set the property on fire

The wounded fire captain was taken to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital and remains in a critical but stable condition.

The home which was set on fire is registered to a 45-year-old California man, but it’s unclear if that man lives in the property or rents it out. 

The Los Angeles Times said the owner is a veteran firefighter, but police have not confirmed that.  Records indicate it was sold in July. 

There is no indication that anyone else was inside when it was set on fire.




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