By Richard R.

An image showing the route of the Ever Given cargo ship before it got stuck in the Suez Canal resembled a crude drawing of a penis has been going around recently, but did they really do a dick manuever before cockblocking the canal?

The answer is “yeah”… but it probably wasn’t done on purpose… hopefully.

Dial back to March 23, 2021, shipping traffic through Egypt’s Suez Canal was grounded to a halt after a large vessel called the “Ever Given” with the name EVERGREEN for some strange reason was printed on the side got stuck in the passageway – SIDEWAYS. How the hell that happened must’ve been a helluva funny story.

At least that what she said…

Shortly after news broke about this cockblocked shipping route, an image started to circulate on social media that supposedly showed how the Ever Given, a nearly 200-foot wide, 224,000-ton vessel, had “drawn” a penis in its route movements shortly before it entered the Suez Canal – to which some people have stated that them getting stuck was a dick move.

Like, really?

Source: CNN

Here’s the video of the gps tracking info sped up from “real time” from a video created by the vessel-trafficking service provider

On the occasion of the disputed incident of the ultra-large container ship Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal, the VesselFinder team made a video simulation of the movements of the ship in more detail, for some time before it got stuck in the canal and blocked the main artery of cargo flow between Asia and Europe. has since reached out to several news outlets and confirmed that, while unbelievable, the tracking shown above is indeed REAL.

As in NOT fake.

As in 100% LEGIT

As in “yo momma so fat, she got stuck in the Suez Canal sideways while passing through” legit.

Even if it wasn’t done on purpose, I’m pretty sure that “somebody” at the wheel on that boat was probably somehow smoking the good stuff – and maybe everybody was in on it.

To add to the veracity of the tracking, another map from another ship-tracking website called also showed the Ever Given’s seemingly NSFW route. 

The dick jokes this bit of news will create will be all over the place, literally.




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