By Eldis Sula

Talk about a bad hair day.

A picture of a deer with a strange eye condition known as corneal dermoids is making the internet squeamish and hoping they will one day hoof the strength to forget that the abnormality exists at all.

The image in question — worthy of haunting your scariest dreams — can be traced to a report of a “sick deer” made to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, reports CNET.

PHOTO: Good luck trying to unsee this deer’s hairy eyeballs.

Dr. Nicole Nemeth and research technician Michelle Willis, with the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study unit at the University of Georgia, wrote in a recent report that the deer had skin where its cornea — the transparent part of the eye covering the iris and pupil — should have been.

“Corneal dermoids, as in the case of this deer, often contain elements of normal skin, including hair follicles, sweat glands, collagen, and fat,” they wrote. “The masses generally are benign (noninvasive) and are congenital, likely resulting from an embryonal developmental defect.”

There have only ever been two reports of a deer with corneal dermoids. The first was killed in 2007 by a hunter in Louisiana.




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