Put down the weights and pick up a beer, gentlemen – a survey has found that nearly 75% of singles prefer a dad bod.


I’m sure the news will be welcomed by many, as some of us have put on a few pounds with gyms having shut their doors for months on end.

However, if you’ve been planning on smashing the gym once it reopens, maybe you should think again, as it turns out chiselled abs are out, and slightly squishier midriffs are in.

The findings come as part of a survey conducted by Dating.com, which asked 2,000 people what their preferred body type was.

75% of respondents stated they were a fan of a ‘dad bod’, while 20% said that body type didn’t matter to them and that they preferred personality over appearance.

Meanwhile, 15% of respondents said they preferred a ‘Barbie or Ken-like body type’.

Planet Fitness Celebrates the Dad Bod (INFOGRAPHIC) (PRNewsfoto/Planet Fitness, Inc.)

Maria Sullivan, dating expert and vice president of Dating.com, told Insider the shift in attitudes toward body positivity likely has to do with the pandemic’s effect on our lifestyles.

People who once had active lives may have shifted their habits in the last year to stay safe inside, which led to weight gain.

“Singles are beginning to embrace more body types as they know the struggle of staying in shape during the pandemic,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan expects this positive shift towards dad bods to signal a change in the way people judge the attractiveness of their partners.

“Singles are now spending less time worrying about the way their body looks and spending more time getting to know other singles without feeling self-conscious about the way they look.”

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