As if we’ve all got enough problems this year, one of the strangest things to happen to more than a few coronavirus survivors is hair loss. We already know that covid-19 can wreak havoc internally for those who are able to survive it that some slimy health insurance bean counters will consider those as “pre-existing” conditions, hair loss was something nobody saw coming.

It seems doctors and other health professionals in the last few months have noted an increasing number of patients complaining about hair loss. The kicker is that it possibly isn’t even the virus’s fault as this could be some unforseen human response to the amount of physiological stress in dealing about it. So much so, that scientists are now attributing the phenomenon as somewhat related to the coronavirus pandemic as it is affecting both the people who had the virus and those who never became sick – and know people who did.

Now, a normal human sheds hair (and go grey) at regular intervals as they get older – aside from genetic baldness, shedding hair also gets more frequent the more stressed out you are. And this happens to both men AND women. But that’s not all, they’ve further noted that many people who never even contracted the virus are also losing hair because of emotional stress from job loss, financial strain, deaths of family members, or other devastating developments stemming from the pandemic.

Alyssa Milano documented the event as she herself had survived the virus, but like with so many others, did not get away unscathed.

Now, people have probably derided Milano because it’s a “sign” that she’s getting older, and maybe some other excuse that people will come up to refute her claims and whatnot. But if you really have to think about it; whether she’s right or wrong, it still doesn’t explain the same theme occuring with a lot of other people that have experienced it for themselves. Sure, the “mileage” of experience will vary with every other human, but we can all agree that 2020 is one of the most stressful year ever for everybody.

More than a few hairs falling is just another bullet point in this year of madness.

And just for more, here’s another video of Alyssa Milano explaining her experiences post-covid19 in an interview with 60 minutes:

Whatever the case, it seems hair loss is now a thing to add to the list of “casualties” brought about with this coronavirus pandemic.


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