Remember that news I brought about the unlucky dude that happened to find himself trapped almost 400 feet up inside a crane cab facing a tornado?

But he’s one of the few lucky ones, among those that didn’t were a couple who were married for almost 60 years. The storms that tore through Tennessee on Tuesday left communities in tatters with at least 24 people dead – including Jim (aged 84), and Donna (aged 81).

Meet Jim and Donna Eaton – pictured above – they had been by each others’ sides for more than 57 years after they made a vow to be together “’til death do us part”. And that’s what happened as they died also by each others’ side when a massive tornado barrelled through their home in Tennessee.

According to sources, the couple were found still lying side by side when their mattress was thrown from their bed by the tornado that leveled their home in Wilson County, Tennessee. Ironically, it was just one day before what would have been Jim’s 85th birthday.

The couple were born and raised in Nashville, TN where they met as kids – eventually growing up and marrying each other to raise children of their own. And according to their 24-year-old grandson Jake Hardy-Moore, “The best earthly example of what a marriage should look like. They showed Christ’s love and his sacrifice. They both loved our families through challenging times of life.”

They are survived by three children, four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Talk about a huge family! I am sure they’ve lived a full, and happy life. #relationshipgoals





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