In what is blatantly some sort of Nazi-style Gestapo bullshit reaction, a highschool teen from Wisconsin was threatened with ARREST for posting her experience about her possible brush with the Coronavirus.

This is the story of sixteen year old Amyiah Cohoon (pictured above) who is a sophomore ,in the Westfield School District in Marquette County, Wisconsin. Amyiah had returned to home from a school band trip to Florida in the middle of March during Spring Break when she noted she wasnt feeling well.

She had developed a dry cough, a high fever and breathing problems – all of them possible indicators that she may have contracted the coronavirus. , Her condition worsened and she was brought to the hospital for treatment and further testing. She was then sent home and told to stay inside despite testing negative – the, doctors also advised the girl’s family that it’s likely she had the virus but missed the window for testing positive.

,So she could really be have been infected, but had tested as a false negative.

,Yes, a false negative is a thing – just like a false positive.

During that time, the Amyiah posted on her Instagram account allegedly three times with what she and her parents believed was a scary brush with Covid-19, hoping to alert others, including her friends and family who followed her on Instagram, to the danger. In one of those posts, she also included a picture of herself at the hospital wearing an oxygen mask which was pictured above.

Here’s one of those posts which had been supposedly taken down:

,And that’s when cops came knocking on the Cohoon’s door the next day after posts like that one.

Patrol Sergeant Cameron Klump from Marquette County Sheriff’s Department showed up on the Cohoon’s doorstep, stating that he was under orders from Sheriff Joseph Konrath to demand that Amyiah and her father, Richard Cohoon, to remove Amyiah’s Instagram posts. If they refused, Klump said the family faced possible charges for “disorderly conduct” and threatened with possible arrest.

All that over a minor’s instagram post.

What the hell are the people of ,Marquette County Sheriff’s Department smoking over there that they’re actively monitoring a child’s instagram post?

,Thanks to their bullying tactics, she and her folks – in fear – decided to take her instagram posts about the situation down and turned her instagram account to private.

,The Cohoons also filed a lawsuit AGAINST said authorities for violating her constitutional first and 14th amendment rights. Especially when the cops started denying those claims.

,You can see/download the publicly available lawsuit that was filed

,You can also watch, Leonard French, a lawyer who has an educational channel on YouTube discuss the lawsuit in detail while giving his opinions here:

I’m with Mr. French and the Cohoons on this, the police and certain officials in that county overreacted and overreached themselves over this – especially with over 4500 cases in that state of Wisconsin alone, and with at least 3 confirmed cases and one death in Marquette.



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