By Julie Gerstein Insider

Chinese couples are rushing to file for divorce before a new law comes into effect that could make getting a divorce a much harder and lengthier process.

The new law, passed in May of last year but just now coming into effect, requires that couples take part in a 30-day “cooling off” period before filing for divorce. If either side of the couple decides to call off the divorce during that period, the aggrieved party must apply for divorce again and the 30-day clock starts anew.

Cheng Xiao, vice president and professor of Law School of Tsinghua University, said the law was meant to curb “impulsive” divorces.

“They may have quarreled about family affairs and they are divorcing in a fit of anger. After that, they may regret it. We need to prevent this kind of impulsive divorce,” he told a Chengdu newspaper, the Guardian reported.

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