The mysterious reason for the deaths of around 330 Elephants that died in Botswana has been finally found.

According to several news sources, the cause of the tragic deaths of around 330 elephants in Botswana in the last couple of months since it was noticed around July is linked to a naturally occurring neurotoxin called cyanobacteria that have been blooming in the watering holes that these elephant herds have been known to frequent.

In an official statement from Mmadi Reuben from the Department of Wildlife and
National parks, “Our latest tests have detected cyanobacterial neurotoxins to be the cause of deaths. These are anaerobe bacteria found in water of seasonal water pans”

They have speculated that the increasing warmer temperatures caused by climate change have also increased the natural production of the harmful algae to the point that where the natural water supplies have become dangerously toxic.


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