Wednesday, December 1, 2021


California man charged with violating Endangered Species Act after allegedly “KIDNAPPING” Maki the Lemur...

A California man has been charged with violating the Endangered Species Act after he allegedly broke into the San Francisco Zoo last year and stole a rare ring-tailed lemur.

New Jersey waitress abducted and assaulted after chasing customers who left business without paying,...

Police in Washington Township, New Jersey are searching for multiple suspects wanted in connection with the abduction and assault of a waitress Saturday night.

“He was generous, kind and special in more ways than I can begin to...

A 10-year-old boy who died in the Big Sioux River saved one of his younger siblings who had fallen into the water, family members said. The body of Ricky Lee Sneve was recovered Saturday night, Lincoln County sheriff's officials said.

Burglar breaks into California home, swims naked in pool, kills family pets before coming...

A homeowner confronted a naked man after he broke into his family’s Bel Air home and killed their pet birds.

‘It is tattered, dated, divisive and incorrect’: Singer Macy Gray has called for a...

Singer Macy Gray says it's time for the U.S. flag to be updated as it "no longer represents ALL of us."

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Whistleblower Alleges New York Company Ordered Health Clinic Workers To Over Dilute Doses Of...

A lawsuit has been filed against a health care company that runs several vaccination sites in New York City by an employee who was fired.

Hilton Head woman was bitten 3 times by copperhead snake. What she did to...

O’Neil was bitten three times by a copperhead snake on the sidewalk outside her South Forest Beach home. The second two bites were nothing like the first, which she determined was a “dry bite” where the snake injected no venom into her body.

Young men are giving up on sex to play video games, study finds

Researchers used regressive analysis to try to understand why today's youngsters are spurning casual encounters. According to studies the proportion who say they have not had a non-romantic sexual encounter in the past year has risen from 11.7 percent to 15.2 percent. For men aged 18 to 24, it rose from 18.9 per cent to 30.9 percent.

NINE YEAR OLD Utah girl driving to California with FOUR YEAR OLD sister crashes...

Two young sisters who apparently wanted to go to California to swim in the ocean took their parents' car on a freeway joyride Wednesday, crossed into oncoming traffic and then crashed head-on into a semitruck in West Valley City.

Hollywood star Steven Seagal, 69, joins pro-Putin political party five years after getting Russian...

The Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, a long-time admirer of Russian president Vladimir Putin, has joined a pro-Kremlin party, the party said on Sunday.

Sharks that glow in the dark? Scientists discover massive glowing sharks lurking in New...

Scientists say they have found that three deepwater shark species living off New Zealand glow in the dark. The species were collected from the Chatham Rise - an area of ocean floor to the east of New Zealand - in January of last year, according to the study. One of them, the kitefin shark, is now the largest known luminous vertebrate and can reach up to 180cm (5ft 11in).

Lynda Carter pens heartfelt tribute after death of husband of 37 years

Lynda Carter penned a moving tribute to her late husband, Robert A. Altman, who died this month at age 73.

New York legalizes recreational marijuana, expunges former pot convictions

"I look forward to signing this legislation into law," said Gov. Andrew Cuomo. New York lawmakers agree on language of marijuana legalization bill.

Muslim grandmother, 74, father, 46, mother, 44, and daughter, 15, are killed and brother,...

Four members of a Muslim family in Canada were killed on Sunday and a nine-year-old boy left fighting for his life after a 20-year-old local man plowed his pickup truck into them as they were out for an evening stroll.

PORNO ‘KILLER’: Spanish porn star who ‘killed fashion photographer by giving him poisonous hallucinogenic...

Popular Spanish porn star Nacho Vidal has been charged with the murder of a fashion photographer named Jose Luis Abad. Abad died after he inhaled hallucinogenic toad venom.

Lady Gaga’s dog walker reveals his lung collapsed several times in wake of shooting...

Lady Gaga's dog walker has finally been released from the hospital ... a little more than 1 month after he was shot in a terrifying dognapping incident.

Scientists Posit New Information on Dyatlov Pass Incident Mystery. Has It Been Finally...

Is it possible a new theory could shed light to a 62-year old unsolved mystery?

88-Year-Old Man Allegedly Feels ‘Tickled’ After Murdering Roommate, Wants To Urinate On His Grave

Following years of apparent contemplation, an 88-year-old southwest Missouri man allegedly murdered a man he disliked — his roommate.

Mother, 20, MURDERED by burglars in front of baby while husband was tied up

A young British mother was strangled to death by burglars in front of her baby while her husband was tied up in another room at their Athens home.

People across U.S. protest anti-Asian hate following deadly spa shootings

"We must stop hate against Asian Americans in this country," former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro said during a Saturday rally.